Solar Power Systems in Canberra

Have you considered getting solar panels for your residential or commercial property? CBR Solar Solutions can help. We’re a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved retailer backed by over 12 years of experience designing and installing solar systems in Canberra and the local region. We’re also available to carry out any repair and maintenance work your system may need in the future.

The solar energy systems designed and installed by our CEC accredited team can help you to significantly lower your energy bills by using the free energy that the sun provides. By getting solar panels installed on your roof, you can help to minimise the carbon emissions your household or business is producing, as solar panels are one of the most environmentally friendly power sources available.

CBR Solar Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your solar needs, including installation and servicing. To get the process started, our CEC accredited designers will analyse your energy requirements and recommend the best solar system solutions suitable for the Canberra region. And to help you start saving sooner on your electricity bills, we also offer payment options including the ACT Government zero-interest loan and STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) incentives.

Solar Installation Services

CBR Solar Solutions have designed, supplied and installed countless solar panels for Canberra households. We take pride in being one of the leading providers of residential solar power systems in Canberra, giving local homeowners better control over their energy costs and helping to boost the value of their homes. Not only that, but solar panels also help to give future generations a cleaner future as they allow you to reduce your environmental footprint.

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Discuss your requirements with us today to learn why we’re one of the very best local solar installation companies in the ACT and local region.

For more information on how you can save money on your electricity bills by installing a solar PV system, get in touch with CBR Solar Solutions.

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Why Choose Us

A quality solar system isn’t just a great financial investment for your home and business – it’s an investment in a sustainable future. That’s why it’s important to choose an established and reliable solar specialist to partner with. We are a locally owned solar business with over 12 years experience designing, installing and maintaining solar PV systems, so you can be assured that we’ll be here to service your investment well into the future.

  • Installing solar rooftop solar systems for over 12 years.
  • Locally owned business
  • Employ local people
  • Finance available
  • CEC accredited designers and solar installers
  • Energy efficient hot water and solar product specialists in the ACT and local region
  • From start to finish installations and prompt after sales maintenance
  • Full maintenance and fault-finding experts
  • Cover insurance work
  • Helping people reduce their carbon footprint

Whether you’re thinking of saving money or supporting the environment, we will remove any doubts and provide you with the solar certainty you’re looking for.

We’re a locally owned solar business who employ CEC accredited solar designers and installers with over 12 years’ experience in the industry. You’ll be assured that our tailored solar system for your home will save you the most money on your energy bill

Our solar systems are made up of quality products and components including a 5-year whole-of-system warranty.

The service offered from start to finish installations and prompt after sales services.

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Here Is How Solar Works
How Solar Works

Solar Panels Convert the Sun’s Energy Into an Electric Current (DC).


The Inverter Then Converts the Variable Direct Current (DC) Into Alternating 240V Current (AC). AC Electricity Then Can Be Fed Into Your Home to Operate Your Appliances.


A Smart Meter Measures How Much Energy You’ve Used. Excess Energy Created Is Then Fed Into the Electricity Grid Which Your Electricity Retailer Will Provide a Credit for in Your Electricity Bill.


A WIFI Enabled Inverter Helps You Monitor Your Solar Systems Performance in Live Time.


If Required, Optimisers Will Increase the Conversion Rate So You Can Extract More DC Energy From Your Solar Panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBR Solar Solutions is one of the leading solar companies in Canberra and the surrounding region. We’ve helped countless customers to successfully minimise their energy costs by providing them with an environmentally friendly source of solar energy their Canberra home or business can depend on. Our experienced and qualified CEC solar installers and team also provide an exceptional level of support and guidance throughout the installation process.

Installation usually takes around 1-2 days. However, the length of time it takes our solar energy installers in Canberra to carry out solar installation services can vary, as every property has different requirements.

This will depend on factors like how many solar panels your Canberra property requires, how efficient they are, and the brand. Our accredited CEC solar designer will be able to discuss this with you when visiting your property.

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