Solar System Servicing In Canberra And The Surrounding Region

CBR Solar Solutions offer residential and commercial solar panel maintenance services, solar panel cleaning and solar system repairs in Canberra and the surrounding region. The benefits of a solar panel system are great, but it’s important that your system undergoes the required solar maintenance and repairs to ensure it continues to operate at its optimal performance level.

Our expert solar system service maintenance team are equipped to handle both big and small solar system maintenance and repair requirements and provide helpful customer support. Our solar team will conduct the recommended annual solar and inverter testing of your system. We also offer a solar PV anti-islanding test that is required every 5 years if your system is connected to the Evoenergy network to ensure the system remains safe while connected to the electricity network.

It’s recommended that solar system maintenance is carried out annually. CBR Solar Solutions can inspect and replace any defective components to ensure the system is running safely and at its peak efficiency.

Solar Repair Services

Do you have a broken solar system? Is your system’s inverter not working properly? If you’re looking for a company that can carry out solar inverter maintenance and solar inverter repairs in the Canberra region, or repair solar system problems of any other variety, our friendly team is available to help. CBR Solar Solutions takes pride in being able to offer reliable solar system repairs in Canberra and the surrounding region that allow customers to continue enjoying the benefits of solar power. No matter what the problem is, we can fix it for you promptly.

Time To Service Your Rooftop Solar?

We offer the following maintenance services to keep your system in great shape.

Health Check

We’ll check the integrity, safety and efficiency of your whole system. This includes the panels, inverter, mounting structure and wiring.

Breakdown Service

As required

Are you experiencing any issues with your system? Our experienced team will get your system back up and running.

Panel Clean

As required

We’ll check the integrity, safety and efficiency of your whole system. This includes the panels, inverter, mounting structure and wiring.

Anti-Islanding Testing

Mandatory 5-yearly

A mandatory test is required every 5 years to ensure the safety of the Evoenergy network. We test your solar PV system and notify you and Evoenergy of the results

Manufacturer warranty applies to all supplied parts and appliances. All warranty work is performed during business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBR Solar Solutions is a CEC solar retailer and one of Canberra’s leading solar panel maintenance companies, offering premium solar panel maintenance services for broken solar systems. Our technicians have the expertise to repair solar system and inverter problems of any sort.

CBR Solar Solutions highly recommends that you contact them for solar panel cleaning services if your panels have incurred any issues due to local weather conditions, dusty conditions, mould, lichen or tree sap. This ensures that your system will continue to work at peak performance.

Solar panels can be damaged by constant exposure to dirt, dust and severe weather conditions, as well as elements such as rain, hail, wind and snow.

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If you’re looking for a CEC retailer who can provide solar panel maintenance in Canberra and surrounds, contact CBR Solar Solutions today. We can provide the maintenance and repair services you need to keep your system in the best condition.

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