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Are you having problems finding a solar hot water system installer you can trust? Look no further than CBR Solar Solutions – one of the leading solar companies in Canberra. We are a local solar provider who can install state-of-the-art roof panels for both residential and commercial clients. No matter what you need, our licensed solar installers in Canberra can install any type of roof top solar panels on your premises.

The solar power systems our Canberra based technicians can supply you with will drastically reduce how much you pay on your energy bills and the amount of carbon emissions your property produces, as you will be using energy the sun provides instead of relying on conventional energy. Our expert solar panel suppliers in Canberra will speak to you about your energy requirements so we can determine what type of system would best suit your energy concerns and budget.

As a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Retailer and team of CEC Accredited designers and solar power installers in Canberra, we know which brands deliver quality products that last the distance. That’s why we only use tier 1 solar panels and quality inverters.

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CBR Solar Solutions is one of the best solar installation companies around. For more information on how our solar energy systems in Canberra can save you money, contact us today for a free quote. We can also answer any questions you might have about our solar installation services and products.

Solar Panels

What are the benefits of tier 1 panel manufacturers?

  • Tier 1 panel manufacturers only account for 2% of the solar industry
  • They have been manufacturing solar panels for more than 5 years
  • Each stage of the manufacturing process is controlled with robotic processes
  • Producers use the purest and best grade silicon to produce solar cells, which increases the performance of panels and makes them last longer
  • These companies invest in the research and development of the panels, meaning they’re committed to the industry

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An inverter is an important component in a solar system, as it takes electricity from a power source that produces ‘DC’ electricity, such as solar panels, and converts it into mains-equivalent 230 volt ‘AC’ electricity ready for use in your house. This is something that should only be handled by a qualified solar installer. Contact CBR Solar Solutions if you need solar inverter installation in Canberra.

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Solar Equipment

Solar Meters

A solar meter measures how much electricity is produced from a PV system. While a traditional meter only measures electricity from the grid to your home, a solar meter can measure it both ways – how much power from a system flows to your home, and how much of it you’re returning to the grid. Solar meters can also record and measure your electricity production and consumption, and alert you to issues with system performance. CBR Solar Solutions can explain all the differences between a Sungrow and a SolarEdge meter installation that will help you make an informed decision as to which meter is right for you.

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In a conventional solar power system, if a single panel performs poorly (shade is the usual factor), then it affects the performance of all the other modules that share the same ‘string’. An optimiser ensures that each panel passes the maximum current no matter how badly it is shaded, or whether a panel in its string is performing poorly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBR Solar Solutions is the leading supplier of all things solar Canberra wide. We have over 12 years of experience installing first-rate solar systems in Canberra and the surrounding region. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies in the photovoltaic solar power sector and ensure our customers always receive the very best solar installation/solar installer service possible from our Canberra solar company.

If you’ve thought to yourself “can roof top solar panels reduce my electricity bill?”, the answer is yes, solar photovoltaic systems can help to significantly minimise energy costs. The sooner you get a solar system installed, the more money you can save in the long run.

This will depend on the size and the brand of the system and what you need it to do. For instance, a small residential system will cost considerably less than a larger system designed for commercial applications. Call CBR Solar Solutions today to get the best price on solar energy in Canberra.

Your eligibility for the solar PV STC (Small-Scale Technology Certificate) incentive will depend on the type of 6.66kw solar system and solar panels our Canberra technicians install and your location.

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